I met Claire at the Sonnhauf Ayurveda resort in Austria where I spent 10 days. I’m a school teacher in Germany and needed time to relax and reset. I had the chance to go to both group and one-to-one sessions with Claire and she changed my life! This was my first time trying Pilates and Claire took the time to explain what my body needed and how to do the exercises. I went to every class I could which I think was about 13! My posture changed in the space of a week and back pain that I’ve had on and off for years has gone. Claire put together a set of exercises I can easily do at home which I have been sticking to. Claire is amazing and I owe so much to her for making my body feel great. Thank you :)
— Anna
I have regular Pilates sessions with Claire and thoroughly enjoy them! She has excellent knowledge of all the muscles and vast range of exercises for me try each time. She will push you to exceed your potential and because of this I have seen physical differences in my body shape! I highly recommend sessions with Claire
— Charndeep
Claire’s sessions are challenging but fun! I do a lot of running and pilates has really helped me build strength, flexibility and a lot of awareness to my body. Claire is great at explaining what we do and the benefits to my body
— Chris
My 1-1 pregnancy pilates sessions with Claire have been great. She has created personalised routines, taking old injuries into account, and thanks to her my various little aches and niggles have disappeared. Definitely recommended
— Jen
I am so glad to have met Claire! I have recently had a baby girl and working out has been really difficult to prioritise. That coupled with the strain on my back and muscles from breastfeeding and lifting and carrying a little person has left me feeling totally broken and not myself. Claire’s pilates classes and one on one approach has really helped me ease back into stretching and working my muscles again. I always feel at ease under Claire’s guidance. She is caring and professional and always helps me get the best out of my workouts. I love feeling energised again
— Jana
I’ve done yoga quite a bit but never ventured into Pilates. After a couple of sessions with Claire I immediately felt the calming difference of Pilates and even after just 30 minutes in the morning, reaped the benefits of a more energetic day because of it. Very patient teacher and informative class, I look forward to joining as many classes as I can
— Sam
I always look forward to Claire’s classes - she gives succinct instructions and demonstrates the positions clearly. She has a calming nature and I always feel better for attending one her classes. I’m more than happy to recommend her
— Phillipa
I’ve never done pilates before and LOVED my first session! My goal is to touch my toes and Claire has devised a program to help me do this, it’s made such a difference and I’m nearly there. Love it!
— Lucy